The Importance of Automating PPC Management


SEM Automation is huge and gaining in importance day by day. Several Software suites accomplish a lot of things – analytics, keyword generation, reporting, multi-platform campaign management, testing ad copy, advanced querying and much more. One such platform of critical importance is PPC bid management.

The following are the key factors to look at while implementing your own PPC bid management platform.

Consistency In Numbers

The PPC (Pay Per Click) landscape can be quite volatile with competitors entering and leaving the market at will. Bids fluctuate wildly based on the time of the day, weekdays and the month. If you do not use a bid management platform, it’s probable that your CPA is quite volatile. You may even have trouble managing your campaigns to a particular CPA. By deploying an efficient bid management platform, your numbers will be much more consistent, the CPA much more stable and as the platform regularly updates your bids, the most up-to-date information is readily available. Small Business Marketing in Sydney 



From a campaign perspective, you’ll get great, consistent numbers. Every business craves predictability and deploying a bid management platform can be crucial to your program’s success.

More Control and Precision

Consistency brings with it assurance, control, and precision. Let’s say you’re looking at a $50 CPA conversion while the management wants you to pare it down to $48. This can be quite difficult with manual bidding, particularly when you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands or even millions of keywords. However, an efficient bid management platform will provide you with a consistent CPA that will grant you more control and precision. If you want to lower CPA by just a dollar or two, this can be made possible. It might take some time and effort to achieve this target, but totally possible and easier.

Manage More Keywords

More keywords translate into more complexity and more overhead. Let’s assume that you’re bidding for insurance (broad match) on a national level. If you decide to split it out by state and buy up all the different match types, you will soon end up with an overwhelming number of instances of the same keyword. While this is how it should be done from a campaign management perspective, it is more difficult in practicality due to thin data. An efficient management platform can aggregate and analyze data in unique ways that are not easily achievable in say, Excel.

Increased Innovation and High-Level Thinking

When bidding using a spreadsheet, you’re just looking to finish the work. Without a platform in place, when you’re in a manual bidding state of mind, it’s difficult to analyze, innovate and think of higher level changes to your overall strategy. Once you have a bidding platform in place, you’ll have all the time to think about innovation in your approaches to bidding.

Free Time

PPC is an incredibly busy discipline that always assures a truckload of work. In addition to the above advantages, automated platforms end up saving a lot of time. The extent to which you can automate manual work, will make a difference to your campaign. Use the extra time to work on growth, and you’ll end up with fantastic results.

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