The Web Design Trends To Watch Out For


It seems that the web design is constantly going through a perpetual evolution cycle to stay relevant. Of late, several web design trends have appeared out of the blue and have changed the way we understand design forever. And now we have VR, AI-powered chatbots and interactive storytelling looking to make a lasting impact on the industry.

These will have to compete with a lot of existing trends that continue to shape and influence the web design space. So we take a look at design innovations that can give your website a serious revamp.



Card and Grid Layouts

Initially popularized by Pinterest, card design layout formats continue to shape and influence web design trends. We are set to see more and more of this dynamic grid layout. The layout is appealing in its simplicity, flexibility, organization, and responsiveness. Particularly suitable for pages with an overwhelming amount of data, this format increases accessibility to the information and makes it more attractive.

Tumblr, Vice and Dribbble are some of the notable exponents of card layouts that deliver an enjoyable browsing experience while showcasing content in a neat and digestible way. With the layout gaining hold, we can expect even more new takes and spin-offs of this concept.

Quality and Authentic Images

Stock photography is often being completely (and rightly) ignored. It’s a drawback for both design as well as business and the decline of cheesy stock photography in web design is likely to continue.

It has been a proven fact that images featuring real scenarios have a better chance of convincing viewers. With an overload of authentic photo sharing sites popping up online, access to high-quality images is easier than ever.

Our evolving visual culture indicates a growing preference for original, candid images that are easily relatable and reflect moments of real life rather than an artificial and polished appearance.

Conversational interfaces and AI-powered bots

Bots are unlikely to have a significant impact on web design, but may very well influence the way websites are structured. AI-powered bots are all set to grow even more realistic and complex, enabling businesses to automate communications and sales further.

Tools like Letsclap provide customized functionality for online businesses to connect with their customers over messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat. Such conversational interfaces can be a huge help for big brands to express different sides of their personality thus making them more human and approachable. Going forward, we’ll likely see conversational interfaces reach higher levels of personalization and inventiveness.

360º video and Virtual Reality

Although the gadget space has been abuzz for quite some time with many virtual reality (VR) innovations, the trend is yet to make any considerable impact on the web design Sydney trends as such.

The Daydream VR headset from Google has been at the forefront of this movement, expanding the limits of technology being adapted for everyday use. The other leading brands jumping onto the wagon including console brands like PlayStation and Xbox as well as HTC or Lenovo. With increasing number of potential practical uses of the gadget, we’ll eventually get to see these cutting edge technology bleeding into the general web design space as well.

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