The in and out of Facebook lead generation ads


In modern times, organizations are always looking to drum up business. They resort to generating leads through customer referrals, cold calls, networking events, and so on. Social media has now emerged as a game changer regarding how organizations can generate new leads with considerably less effort.

Of these – Facebook is the favorite digital advertising platform for most businesses. This is due to its ease of use, the vast array of targeting options, and simply because of their effectiveness in generating leads and sales.

It has been months since Facebook introduced their lead generation ads. Though it took a while for these to gain traction, they have proven to be successful over time. These newer ad sets have emerged as an efficient low-risk investment for businesses of all types.

Wondering how exactly does the lead generation ads work on Facebook? There are quite a few different set ups, but ultimately the ads collect the information you specify via Facebook’s power editor. This enables you to reach out to potential customers once they fill out the forms contained in the ads.


Facebook rolled out Lead ads to help overcome people’s aversion to filling out forms. It eliminates the effort involved in the signup process through automatically populating information already stored on Facebook.

So instead of redirecting traffic to a landing page where people have to fill out forms manually, they just have to click on the ad, their basic information (name & email) is pre-populated, and they just have to hit submit. All from within the Facebook platform. Social media Marketing in Sydney

And there are far more form field options than a mere name or email when setting up these ads. You even have the option to “customize your question” form field! All you need to do is hit “submit” – and you’ve their contact information!

You also need to remember that they won’t be automatically redirected to your site after they submit information. Of-course users have the option to visit your site once they submit their information via Lead ads, but it’s not forced. This not only results in confusion on what they should do to follow through on whatever they opted in for but could also lead to a significant drop off in your marketing funnel.


Facebook Ads


This makes it necessary to add more copy than usual to such ads because people won’t be visiting any landing page to learn more about your offering. They will be taking action based off just the information you give them in the ad. It’s also recommended to deliver a confirmation/ more information via email.

Facebook lead generation advertisements can help you gain quality leads at low cost. Nearly everyone can benefit from such ads. You can make use of lead ads to get more people to sign up for newsletters, to conduct surveys, to obtain quotes for services, to distribute selective information to a small demographic, and similar ways. The sky can be the limit.

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