Must-Know Tips & Features to benefit from Facebook Ads


It’s very much evident that paid social media campaigns are increasing in popularity. Spending on social advertising is expected to go beyond $35 billion this year, a staggering 16% of the worldwide digital ad market. social media marketing in sydney

Unsurprisingly Facebook (plus Instagram) constitutes a significant piece of this pie, as much as an estimated 65.5% of all social ad spend. This enormous share is primarily driven by changes in their CPC model, the addition of powerful new features and launch of Instagram ads.

Here we have for you several important tips & features to ensure you gain the most out of this trend.

Facebook Lead Ads

One of the most recent campaign types added by Facebook allows advertisers to collect lead data without a landing page, but directly through forms without even leaving Facebook. It’s now quite easy to get started with Facebook’s newest and most powerful lead generation tool. Note:- Twitter has had this feature for years, called Twitter Lead Cards.


In 2015, Instagram placements were made public in 30+ countries and accessible from the Facebook Ads Dashboard. Getting started is as simple as connecting with an Instagram account and choosing the mode of placement.

Comparable audiences

Lookalike audiences are one of the most effective targeting methods on paid social, being a targeting criterion whereby Facebook generates an audience of users similar to your current base of customers or audience.

This can be derived from an email list, from sections of your Facebook Pixel or any other conversion goals you may have set up. Facebook matches these criteria with other Facebook profiles, finds similarities in interests, demographics, behaviors, etc. These findings are used to generate a similar Facebook audience whom you can target in your future campaigns.

Location options

Facebook’s more granular location targeting options is an often overlooked criterion. It can be handy while creating your campaigns and use of the targeting option can make the most sense for your business.

Communicating with the audience

Facebook’s granular targeting methods, let you know who you’re speaking to (the interest, behavior, etc. that define your target audience). You can use this knowledge to create a targeted copy and connect with the specific audience you’re targeting.

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Remarketing is of crucial importance to all digital marketers, too critical to be left out of your Facebook Ads strategy. Ensure that you take advantage of Facebook’s audience segmentation options, through which you can include/exclude specific pages or domains, as well as determine the remarketing time window. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SYDNEY


Some of the biggest gains are to be found in the section under review of which one of the most important parts is the ‘Breakdown’ section.

Are your mobile placements enabling conversions?

Which gender is responding favorably to your ads?

Which regions are converting the best?

Which age group has the strongest CPA?

These and other similar important questions can be answered with the ‘Breakdown’ option. You can identify which types of ad placements convert better, at reduced CPA’s. By knowing this, you can shift larger spends and fine-tune your budget to maximize performance.

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