Tips and Tricks to improve your Email Marketing


Email marketing is not going anywhere, at least not anytime soon. According to recent studies, an overwhelming percentage of consumers would rather receive permission-based marketing information via email. In addition, small businesses still use email as the primary source of marketing, and their numbers are on the rise.

So rather than give up, it’s time to make the most of your email marketing efforts by adapting to these quick and easy rules:

1. Fine-tune the format.

An increasingly large number of email recipients now access communications on mobile devices. To ensure that the messages you send out are mobile or small screen friendly, be sure to include evident links and streamline the overall format and copy.

2. The “From” line.

It’s recommended to use your brand or company name for general communications and newsletters while the actual name and email address of someone in the organization make it more personal for direct communications.


3. Catchy subject lines.

If people discard/archive/delete/spam your messages without opening them, the fancy template and great copy you came up with will have gone to waste. You can increase the open rates by writing concise and direct, yet intriguing subject lines.

4. A clear call to action.

Recipients must know exactly what action to take with your message. Clearly define the steps they should take to redeem an offer, receive any incentive or carry out a transaction. If you fail to communicate these clearly, many are sure to miss the whole point of your communication. It’s also better to stick to one call of action in order to avoid confusion.

5. Keep tabs on your language.

Your messages will never reach potential customers if your email is diverted to a spam folder. What’s more, you are likely to end up in trouble if you fail to adhere to the CAN-SPAM act. You can avoid any such calamity by referencing HubSpot’s comprehensive list of words and phrases.

6. Make your first impression count.

Avoid any hard sell or pressure tactics when you make initial contact with an email subscriber. Rather than being pushy or aggressive, strive to build rapport and familiarity. It’s best to introduce yourself and describe the business or service you offer. You’ll be much better off drawing people in by not dumping them with promotional copy.

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7. That personal touch.

Personalization goes a long way. Some systems allow you to add people’s names to the subject line as well as the message body, but that may not work for everybody. It’s better to segment your mailing list, either by geography, age or purchase history and then send out messages tailored specifically for each group.

 8. Offer value.

In order to give customers a reason to open your messages, you can offer them coupons or discounts, free invites for events, a free content newsletter, or dole out special reports or industry insight. In any event, make sure that you offer them something of value. Free should not translate into cheapness. Before you decide on a freebie to dole out, you must understand and analyze your customers’ needs. Choose the information or tools that will make their lives easier or better before offering it to them.

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