SEO Pointers for the New Year


The beginning of a new year is the best time to reflect on your performance and set the stage for better results ahead. This is also the right time to plan, budget and strategize your future success for SEO.

Besides traditional factors that influence search ranking – page speed, relevant content and page authority, search engines are also increasingly making use of information about the user, such as browsing history, location, and interests to throw up personalized search results.


Here are a few definitive SEO trends to help you dominate search results in 2018:

Keyword Research

A commonly found mistake in SEO strategies is the targeting of way too many keywords. It’s better to stick to a few relevant and captivating keywords in your meta title to ensure the best results.

Another recent development is the rise of digital assistants, a growing market that is changing the way search queries are executed. As per Google, as much as 20% of searches already come from voice queries. A significant surge in similar queries is expected in 2018, which means that your Keyword strategy should focus on long-tail keywords with a more conversational bend.

Mobile is the way to go

No longer just experimental, mobile-first indexing is now preferred over other devices and all set to dominate 2018. It is no longer enough that you have a site which is mobile responsive, you need to also structure your online interactions with mobile customers to be convenient, accessible, and intuitive. For the best results when it comes to SEO, it’s going to be mobile devices first.

Increasing prominence of AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages – a project by Google and Twitter is designed to make mobile pages super-fast. AMP enables mobile sites to consistently perform faster, provide better user experience and across devices and distribution platforms. This will also have them appear on top of search results.

Cross-linking Social Media Posts and your Site

Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to boosting revenue and bookings. It’s no wonder since 46% of web users utilize social media prior to purchases and 70% of B2C marketers gained more business through Facebook. Linking your social media posts to your web-pages can increase traffic and also maximize the possibility of conversions.

Updated Content

Google continues to enhance a web user’s experience by giving prominence to the relevancy of a website’s content. Regularly updated and in-depth content tends to perform best in Google search. This means that instead of going by quantity, you should be more focused on context. One solution is to host a larger number of detailed, long-form content. Even though you will have to put more effort into every piece you produce, you will get to stand out from the competition, build trust with your users and secure more conversions as a result.

To conclude, you should adapt your SEO strategy with technology, and consumer behavior as the dynamics of SEO are continuously changing and improving with time – year after year.

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