5 Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing


Of late, social media marketing has quickly turned out to be the most powerful strategy to attract prospective customers, engage audiences and drive sales. Almost every marketer says they have gained exposure through social media, and as much as 80% see a positive outcome as a result.

An effective social media marketing strategy needs some key elements in place to scale up and make the most of it. Here are a few useful hacks to help one achieve that.

1. Sharing content

Social media marketing isn’t always about posting your own content. In order to grow your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your niche, you will need to share lots of content that will be of interest to your followers.

Finding and sharing such content can take up a lot of time. Instead, you can use content curation tools like Feedly, a feed aggregator that helps you find relevant content based on keywords. You can easily view and share these on your social profiles right from the app.

2. Target Influencers

You can achieve real viral growth with your social media marketing strategy if you enlist the help of influencers. Influencers are those individuals in your niche (not competition) who have a large following of their own.

Target influencers with your marketing strategy to have them share your content with their followers. You can do this is by tagging them in your posts, reaching out to them via direct messages or email asking them to share your content. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SYDNEY

3. Scheduling Posts

Use a social media tool to schedule your posts at optimum times. Buffer and Hootsuite are great automation tools to try. These tools can create unique, trackable links for your social posts and also monitor engagement of your shares and posts. You can use this data to identify the best sources and improve strategy.


4. Stay Relevant

People use social media not only to interact with others but also to get the latest news and information. By integrating these two, you can grow your following.

Track the trending hashtags on Twitter, Facebook Trending Topics or Google Trends and use them in your own social posts.

This helps you join in on larger conversations on the social platform that fall outside of your own circles. These can help you brainstorm content related to current events and in turn garner more buzz on social media.

5. Targeted Following

Part of your social strategy is about attracting a following, but you don’t need to wait around for them. Look for people related to your niche who are active social platforms.

A tool like Manage Flitter makes this is easy on Twitter. It helps you search for Twitter users who use specific hashtags or keywords in their tweets. You can follow them on a regular basis to encourage them to join you back as well.

These hacks can supercharge your social media marketing strategy. Use each judiciously, and you’ll be soon on your way upping engagement, broadening reach, and bringing in excellent ROI.

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