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Email marketing is the best way for businesses to stay connected with their target audience. In spite of the various strategies available to marketers these days, email marketing is still the leading channel for getting the best ROI and thus integral to any marketing campaign.

But don’t think of email marketing as a silver bullet. If you find your email marketing not effective, it is because you aren’t doing it the right way. You have to think through your strategy and turn it around on the basis of customer behavior.

Treat Your Customers Like Individuals

Customers, in general, don’t want to be seen as a nameless face, and that is what a lot of marketers fail to grasp. They desire to be acknowledged as unique human beings. All you have to do to address this is indulge yourself in some personalization.

Rather than keep sending out the same bunch of emails en-mass, go through your feedback and use it to segment your email list. This is the way to ensure that your customers are on the same page as you.

Allow Customers Their Space

Your customers want to hear from you. As with anything, overdoing can poison your intentions. Customers don’t wish to be bombarded by promotional emails on a daily basis. So don’t make them feel like you’re harassing them.

Based on the feedback you get from customers, define a schedule and stick to that. It’s advisable not to send them more than an email every week.

The Sales Funnel And The Customer Journey

Mapping out the increasingly important customer journey is about charting various touch points you are likely to come up against. The way customers react to this will tell you what content they are looking for. You can combine this feedback with demographical segmentation to customize the sales funnel suited to the type of customers.

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Retest And Optimize

You should keep on optimizing and retesting your multiple email campaigns. Your mailing list provider can easily run A/B testing campaigns. You can extract detailed statistics and refine your future campaigns.

Coming off a great campaign brings a tendency to execute the same campaign again in an attempt to get the same results. The chances are high that you’ll end up with diminishing returns.

Doing this will help you make your strategies remain as potent as they were before. And stop you from being left behind in the email marketing world.

Don’t (Over) Rely On Automation

Automation is crucial for successful email campaigns. However, this shouldn’t lead to complacency. It should only be used to eliminate the tedious routine processes that come with email campaigns. It shouldn’t ever be replacing you in general.

Prepare For Mobile

Companies are learning, often the hard way, that people are increasingly accessing the Internet exclusively through mobile devices, and often, the only way. So inevitably, all your emails should be optimized for mobile. Whatever be the device someone reads your email on, it shouldn’t look off. It’s easy as optimizing for mobile is now easier than ever before. Social media Marketing Sydney 

By adopting the above practices, you can look at increasing your subscription rates and remain connected for the long haul.

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