5 Essential Marketing Tools For Small Business Owners


In these digital days, any business without a digital strategy is destined for failure. Digital marketing efforts are important to gain new customers and also to deepen relationships with existing ones. However, due to budget constraints, many small businesses find it hard to build an effective digital presence.

Here we present five free digital marketing tools that can help you implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

Google Analytics

The world’s most recognized free web analytics service, Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service that tracks website traffic and combines multiple analytical features in reports for mobile as well as traditional users.

Its extensive Integration with AdWords enables users to review online campaigns by evaluating landing page quality and conversions. These goals can include lead generation, sales, viewing a specific page or accessing a particular file.

Google Analytics presents high-level data in a dashboard for the casual user and more in-depth data further in its reports. It can spot poorly performing pages through techniques such as funnel visualization, where visitors are directed from (referrers), how long they stay and their geographical statistics.

Keyword Planner
The best SEO research tool available, Keyword Planner can be compared to a workshop for leveraging Search Network performance or expanding upon existing ones.

One can search keyword as well as ad group ideas, gather historical statistics, view the performance of several keywords and even create a new keyword list by combining several such lists together. A free AdWords tool, it can also help you choose among competitive bids and budgets for use in your campaigns.


A tool with a dashboard user interface and supports managing social network integrations for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and more. It helps businesses, SMEs, and start-ups to execute focussed social media campaigns across networks so that their message can be converted into meaningful relationships that matter.

The free version comes with a 30-day risk-free period and allows the user to connect and manage up to three social media profiles.

Web Design Sydney


An online digital market intelligence tool that provides in-depth insights on traffic and marketing for any website. With a single click, you not only get an overall view of a site’s ranking and reach but also a measure of its user engagement levels. A specific website URL or a category search by industry or geography can help users access data from top 50 websites.

It comes with a visually rich dashboard hosting lots of important data and metrics. While the free version allows you to compare two websites, the PRO version can compare up to five websites.


Used in SEO campaigns and content marketing, it has the ability to quickly identify that content which works well for an industry and identify the major influencers. Content marketing is not only integral to SEO, but also to digital marketing in general and this tool ensures that you have access to useful and relevant content to make a difference.

All that you need to do is to enter a key phrase or long-tail keyword that you need to promote, and BuzzSumo will return a list of the most popular posts (related to your area) that are currently trending.

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