6 Tips To Generate Conversions Using Facebook Lead Ads


Facebook lead ads are a powerful way of generating leads at an excellent value compared to other search channels. Not that you should discard other channels and put all your eggs in one basket. But this is a good option worth diversifying into.

For those considering Facebook lead ads, here are a few tips for lead generation.

Creativity Matters

The design matters. The design must be selected based on its engagement level with the consumer for conversions. One technique is to utilize the user data from consumers who have already been converted. However, if you are starting fresh, you can use Google Trends to discover what the most relevant searches are based on intent and location. Remember, it is important to understand what and whom to target and match your creative to those basics.

Targeting Options

It’s a mistake to target each and everyone. Analyze other social channels to gain a better understanding of whom you should target, that will help to home in on your demographic and target audience on Facebook. To this end, analyze the demographic data from your remarketing audience that have been converted on other channels and then clone the audiences. This ensures targeting consumers with similar interests who are more likely to convert. Ensure that you exclude the conversions out of your prospects list once they convert.

Designing Forms

Create a lead ad form for your Facebook campaign, set the optimization for ad delivery to leads. Within this lead form selection, you can select duplicate or create new. So that creative matches the ad image on the form, it’s preferable to choose the duplicate and select “use the image from the ad.” Add your content, questions, disclaimers, privacy policy and website link and you are all set. Failure to set forms up correctly can lead to under-performing campaigns and loss of leads.

Syncing Your Leads With CRM

Once the form is set up correctly, it’s important that the leads feed into your CRM. If you don’t have a CRM, you can always export the leads manually from Facebook. However, CRM integration is preferable so that leads can be managed with automation tools. This can save time for most businesses and will also improve your closing rates.


One effective way to leverage Facebook lead ads is by targeting users who have already visited your site. Or in other words, remarketing. This is one of the simplest ways to increase conversions. You just need to add the Facebook pixel to your site and then build an audience list targeting visitors. Once you have tied in the form, they can convert on Facebook itself, not needing to go back to your site.

 Web Design SydneyEffectiveness of Facebook Lead Ads

This channel is extremely effective for several reasons. The prospect converts on Facebook, the form is easy to fill, and auto-fill makes the process of entering information less complex and fewer the form fields required for submission, the higher the conversion rate.

In short, Facebook lead ads work. Once the channel is set up and running, optimization is the next step in increasing performance.

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