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how to get the most from your google reviews



Google Business Reviews Generate Business

Today’s customer is more likely to find you on an internet search than by any other means. That is because they search for businesses with your products and services within their own community. The ease of just typing in a few words for a Google search can make finding your company fast and easy.

There are three parts to searches on Google. These are paid advertising, local searches and maps, and organic (SEO) search results. When you see a listing on a map that is a company that has posted on Google My Business. With this kind of listing you get potential customers who live near you and are likely to use your products and services. You will list your contact information there and be seen by anyone who is looking in your area. You can also use this way to get business reviews. Here is more information about the importance of Google reviews for increasing the exposure, appeal, and credibility of your business.

The Advantages of Business Reviews on Google

As with posting anything on the internet, the process is fast and easy. The results can be impressive and last for a long time. More Google business reviews mean more internet exposure and a greater likelihood of appearing on the first page of a Google search. You will attract more readers to your website and drive more business to your door with more Google business reviews.

Gain More Leads with More Reviews
Nearly 90% of your customers trust an online review as much as they do a personal recommendation. That is an excellent reason to get more Google business reviews as readers will be convinced to check out your business.

Positive Reviews Mean More Purchases
Because potential customers look for reviews to guide their purchase decisions, positive reviews drive them to your door and result in more purchases. More positive reviews mean more purchases!

More Positive Reviews Lead to Higher Google Ranking
Google will place you higher for searches related to your business when you have more Google business reviews and when more are positive. It has to do with the algorithm that Google uses and how to get better placement for local searches.

Reviews Are Free and Profitable
You do not need to pay for Google business reviews or when you write a response. Think of this a free advertising on a platform that people trust.

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