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Managing Positive Reviews – If you’re a business and you are receiving positive reviews for your products and services. Well done, but don’t stop there – you should always respond to them.

The Importance of Responding to Positive Reviews
If one of your customers or clients leaves you a review full of praise and enthusiasm, then you can make it even better by responding. Creating positive engagements with your customers helps boost your reputation and make your business seem personable and relatable. Public reviews will be viewed by members of the public, so it’s always worth interacting and showing that you care.

Reasons to Respond

  • Politeness – If somebody thanked you in person, you wouldn’t just ignore it and walk away. It’s the same with reviews online, so you should give a pleasant response.
  • People Notice It – Public reviews are read by lots of people in your target audience, and most people look to them as a means of judging your business. When you reply to positive reviews, you speak to your audience.
  • Participation – If you engage with the comments left by others, it will have a cascade effect that encourages other people to do the same. This gets more people reading your reviews and thinking about your business.
  • Search Engines Record It – When you engage with positive reviews, you boost the ranking of the webpage according to search engine algorithms, which pushes your reviews to the top of the search engine results page.

These reasons should have given you enough motivation to get involved with positive reviews on your business pages, but how can you do that? All is revealed in the next section. According to research compiled by Vendasta, online reviews are increasingly important to purchasing decisions:

  • Over 88 percent of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision;
  • 68 percent of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more;
  • 40 percent of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews, while 73 percent of consumers form an opinion by reading up to six reviews;
  • 60 percent of consumers have searched a business at least six times per year;
  • 88 percent of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations;
  • 68 percent of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores ;
  • 95 percent of unhappy customers will return to a business if the business resolves the issue quickly and efficiently;
  • Reviews produce an average of 18 percent uplift in sales.

Responding to Positive Reviews
Managing positive reviews can be done in four simple steps, and we will explain each one below.

1. Refer To The Customer
Make sure that your customer or client is aware that you are personally responding to the review. Use their name and refer to a piece of information in the review.

2. Put The Right Keywords In

The more you mention the name of your business, its location, and the kind of work it does, the higher your reviews will rank on search engines. This is important because most people don’t get past the first page on a search engine like Google.

3. Use Marketing Techniques
When you post a comment in response to a positive review, you’ll find that a lot of people read it. Therefore, you should use marketing inside it. State why someone might have had a positive experience, such as a promotion that’s taking place, or draw attention to an upcoming offer they might like. It might be tempting write the same response to every positive review, tailor it for that customer’s experience.

4. Ask The Customer To Act
When responding to a satisfied individual who has left a review on your page, then you can use that moment to encourage them to take actions which could be beneficial for your business. That might mean asking them to try out a new product or service, or suggesting that they come to your store with a friend next time.

Getting More Positive Reviews
Now that you know why managing positive reviews is important and how to respond to them if you get them, you might want to consider how you can get more of them in the first place. This is because the more of them you build up, the less impact any negative reviews will have.
One of the most productive ways to request reviews is to ask your customer or client to give you one. Most people enjoy expressing their thoughts, and if you’ve given your customer a good product or service they’re likely to do that.

Get The Timing Right
The best reviews will come if you ask the customer within a few days of them receiving the service or purchasing the product. It will be fresh in their minds. If you ask them when they most enjoyed it, that will lead them into writing the best reviews. When you get a new product, or experience a new service, your enthusiasm is at it’s peak, but this warm glow of positivity begins to fade (How quickly, depends on the value received). So the earlier you ask for the
review, the more likely it is positive and the more likely they will actually take the time to write one.

Ask Them Yourself
If you give customers or clients a receipt or an invoice, you can put a note on it asking them to review. If you like, you can target your most regular buyers. Giving people cards in-store is helpful too.

Ask Through The Internet
If physically asking is not practical, you can also contact them by email, by text, or on social media.

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