Startups that are Taking Social Media by Storm


Social media is attractive to marketers because it is easy to enter into and low-cost, but you need to spend a lot of time and effort on it. Large organizations with huge budgets can mount lavish campaigns, but the smaller players and startups need value for money campaigns to survive. Startups do seem to enjoy a distinct advantage in the social media realm despite not having much resources or options. They still find social media to be a perfect “runway” from which to launch themselves successfully and build a reputation.


GoPro technically isn’t a startup – it has been around for years. It’s social media marketing campaign is so good that it is worth a mention and more. What better way to promote a specialty camera than by leveraging all the awesome visual content generated by its users?

GoPro also mixes in its own submissions to keep its feeds on Facebook and Instagram engaging – and thanks to this, it has built one of the most enviable social media followings in the business.


Magic Leap

Magic Leap is into developing augmented reality and virtual reality system. Though its product is still under wraps, for the most part, it has been generating interest amidst its potential users through the use of intense, thought-provoking content.

Even though there is still no inkling of a release date, it’s managed to amass more than 60,000 likes on Facebook and more than 32,000 followers on Twitter. All thanks to interactive and engaging content that teases users about what to expect next.


A new app – a kind of personal assistant for the purchases you plan to make. It helps you connect to an expert on the subject, who can then guide you to making the right purchasing decision. Instead of in-app live chat, Operator integrates Facebook Messenger, leading to interactive customer service via social media.

It’s a powerful social app, and the company has done a stellar job at marketing itself on social media. It maintains a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and provides fresh streams of new content regularly.

Squatty Potty

A simple device designed to your correct toilet-sitting posture(?!) – apparently a bigger problem than most of us were aware of. The company’s ingenious ongoing social media marketing campaign has managed to overcome the somewhat taboo subject matter and potentially unmarketable product.

Simple advertisements have gone viral due to their hard-to-watch yet captivating nature, and the company has backed up the promotions with tons of informative content related to healthy bowel movements and its device.

The lessons we can learn from above –

  • Find that unique angle which suits your brand and is valuable to your users.
  • Be consistent – consistently provide your users with high-quality content.
  • Build anticipation – use social media to tease your audience about what’s coming up.

All goes to show that the risks and costs are low, and by executing a well-planned campaign, you can generate huge returns.

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