How to Improve Search Engine Rankings of Your Blog


The million dollar question every blogger has ever had would probably be how to improve one’s ranking in search results. Here are a few advanced and reliable tips to improve your blogs ranking. But before starting out, you should check the current position of your keywords so that it would help in tracking improvement later on.

Optimizing the Title of a Blog Post

The title is the anchor text that attracts visitors. Be sure to include keywords, especially the ones you want to rank for. Include specific and focussed keywords than broader terms. Add long tail keywords in Post title. And restrict your title tags to an optimum 55 characters.

Try to use actionable and psychological keywords in your blog post title. Your ranking can increase with use of keywords like “how to,” “step by step guide,” “updated” etc. Though these in themselves crucial factor.

 Adding Keywords to Post and Media

Once you have the necessary content, add keywords in a way that does not appear contrived. Check keyword difficulty before targeting any keyword. Try to use variations or related keywords that have similar search value. This will aid you a lot in Google rankings.

Allocate keywords in a ratio of 2% to the total wording. For optimum search results, position your main keywords in the first and last paragraphs. Carry out keyword research and competitor analysis in order to better SERPs.

For images, make use of alt tags that the search bots scour for details. This can also dramatically increase your search ranking and organic traffic via image search through search engines. It is better to optimize the image name to something related to the content rather than random file names.

Back Linking

Guest blogging is alive and kicking. You can utilize guest blogging to highlight relevant posts of yours that are related. Authoring on a guest post on a prominent site can boost your blog’s ranking and search engine visibility.

Link to related posts: You should link to related posts and in the context of your current post. Have a proportionate mix of links to new and old posts. Also be sure to differentiate anchor texts.

Internal linking is one of the most certain ways to generate back links to your own site. This will also overload search engine bots with old posts and may eventually help the reader by showing him a related post of value.

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Commenting and Sharing

Initially, a mere way to interact and build relationships, it has now turned into a good source of gaining visibility.  Make sure not to comment on content irrelevant to your niche.

The more the number of social shares, the more is the referral traffic which in turn means more authority and ultimately higher rankings.  Get responsive social share buttons on your website that allow visitors to share content easily. There is no need to be present everywhere, use only the major social networks that drive tons of traffic.

Make your site mobile responsive. Use a responsive theme that loads fast. Correct and polish your grammar and writing. Get the basics right and along with these tips; you can grow your rankings by leaps and bounds.

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