When You Get The Wrong Advice – You Learn A Lot


It’s easy to cut corners, be it to attain success or for convenience sake. More so in the field of marketing, especially the current digital world. With a gamut of options and competition bearing down on you, you just might be tempted to take the easy way out.

There are a lot of marketers and gurus out there who might give you plenty of advice, of the wrong sort. Building a business and a brand is hard work; don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Having integrity and character means being true to us. But do pretend to enjoy the ride.

 Choosing your friends

You should be doing business with people you know, like and trust. Not everyone you meet is your target audience or referral partner, nor are they all your friends or someone to be in connection with. Friending and connecting with everyone isn’t really sound advice.

You also don’t expect your friends to use your social profiles with the ulterior motive of scooping their business away from you. Trust and friendship would then cease in your relationship, and you would not be connected any longer.


Tampering / Misusing Data

Websites who collect information from users should always provide them a fair warning of any attempt to use such information for purposes other than engaging with that site. Not being upfront about the utilization of that collected information is illegal.

No need for multiple faces

Why have many sites to create an impression and end up vying for the same viewership? Why shouldn’t the product page be separate and not on your website? Updating content regularly on your site demonstrates your expertise and increases organic search engine optimization rating and readership.

Do not post un-factual or even downright fabricated data to seem authoritative. Such tall claims might impress visitors and force them to ‘get to know you’. In the end, they will come to the conclusion that you don’t know much and will miff that you have wasted their precious time! It’s no use with tactics to pull the wool over your audience’s eyes.



Be True To Yourself and Your Brand

Being positive and having a sunny outlook will definitely draw people to you, and should be part of your marketing approach. But being in the marketing field is much more than that, it’s a commitment. It is always evolving. What worked last week may not work today. If you have found and developed a system that works for you, good.

Building a larger than life persona just for impressing others should not be the end -all. Especially if it involves being sneaky, doing things only to get you noticed, not believing in building a good reputation and getting people to work with you by appearing bigger and better than you are.

Rather than not being true to yourself, you should be smart and utilize the chances you get to make the best of yourself. Be optimistic, enthusiastic, willing and motivated, even committed and reliable – just don’t be gullible. Don’t be misled by wolves in sheep’s clothing leading lambs to the slaughter.

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