The Basics Of Twitter For Maximizing Impact


Twitter is a fantastic social medium that can help increase your brand exposure and much more. If any of your competitors are on Twitter, it’s high time you started using Twitter to gain your share of the pie. If nobody is, you become the market leader in the ‘Twittersphere’ by default!

Twitter is an essential free marketing tool which, if used correctly, will turn out to be a crucial asset in your marketing strategy and customer engagement. Here are a few basics to get you started.

All Tweets must contain no more than 140 characters. A very limited space to get your message across, and the key to this is punchy, concise, and informative writing.


Designed by Twitter as a way of grouping relevant search terms. The hash symbol ‘#’ is used to highlight keywords in your tweets for other Twitter users. This way you can highlight the most important words in your post.


Also known as the Twitter handle, the ‘@’ sign before the unique Twitter username that you wish to mention. This is an important Twitter tool for talking directly to other Twitter users.

If you need to highlight your latest success or blog-post to a journalist or publication, you can @mention them in your tweets. As it’s a real-time social space, they constantly scour Twitter for leads these days.


How Many, How Frequent and of What sort?

Start small, keep it low to start with till you get the hang of it. As you gather a following, increase the frequency. Always make sure the content is relevant and engaging to your followers.  Tweet links to news in your industry, new appointments to your team, others in your niche, and retweet your customers. In between thread in information directly related to your products and services.

Keep in mind that Twitter isn’t an advertising platform; it’s a conversation place for the global community. Always remember to engage, stimulate discussion, and most of all thank anyone that follows or mentions your company.  Maintain the delicate art of keeping the balance.

Gather a Following:

To build a following, you must categorize your audience into segments and then find prominent people to follow within your industry.  These can be Affiliates and their followers, Thought Leaders, Customers, Competitors, Publications or Journalists.


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Tools of Help


TweetAdder is worth the cost if you want to grow your following rapidly. Its key functionality is that it allows you to follow key Twitter users automatically, and unfollow them after a day or two if they don’t reciprocate. It saves a lot of time compared to the manual process.


A free tool that can be downloaded online and can be used to schedule your tweets as per your convenience. You can save time by, say scheduling your whole week’s Twitter activity! Have a brainstorming session and let others contribute in one go. Other useful functions are a link shortening service, analytics to track your tweets, keyword tools and much more.

Used the right way, Twitter can immensely help your business to establish an online presence and engage with key audiences. Like with all Social Media, the key to success is conversation and content. You’re sure to get most of what you put in, so keep on tweeting!

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