The 4 Inspirational Social Marketing Wins for 2017


Social media was on a roll in 2016, with leading companies like Starbucks, Nike, Red Bull, and Chobani taking to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels to reach new customers and build their brand.

Notable brands used social media creatively to solicit product designs, finalize their prices and publish content. So if you’re looking for inspiration for 2017, check out these social media campaigns from last year.

#WTFast – Dunkin’ Donuts

What lengths would one go to win hearts and minds today? Well, sometimes you have to adopt extreme measures to get attention.

Hire a female base jumper, get her to leap off an 8,000-foot peak, toss her your product during the descent, and finally capture it all on 360-degree video. Phew! But that’s exactly what Dunkin’ Donuts did, and the high-stakes gambit did pay off!

Dunkin’ Donuts did all this last summer to promote its new mobile ordering feature. The doughnut (& coffee) chain hired the world’s fastest female base jumper to snatch a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee midflight. An excellent example of an established brand adopting a new content strategy to keep customers coming back for more.

In addition to the TV ad, the company was all over social media with the hashtag #WTF and 360-degree video that people could watch on a Dunkin’ website or Facebook. The stunning footage helped Dunkin’ Donuts gain more attention with the 360 video receiving more than 7 million views.

Social Friendly Pricing

The leading U.K. grocery chain launched the ingenious “Social Price Drop” campaign on Twitter in November. It was designed to have its social media followers control the pricing of select products for the holiday season. The campaign lasted for four weeks on Twitter and featured four different products.

The more followers talked on Twitter about a particular item, for instance, the “Christmas lobster,” the more that item’s price reduced. The campaign turned out to be a success because of the real incentive to share socially.

Arby’s on Twitter

The fast food chain showed off their creative flair on Twitter posting images that recreated iconic pop culture images incorporating items from its menu. Animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the interactive game “The Last Guardian,” the HBO series “Westworld,” etc. all served as inspiration for this series.

The campaign really hit it off with its target demographic and was a huge success on Social media marketing in Australia .

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#NoBadStuff – Chobani’s

The Yogurt brand Chobani came up with a #NoBadStuff social hashtag campaign in time for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Designed to emphasize the importance of clean living, healthy food, and a positive attitude — all of which were core to the brand as well as the Olympics.

The campaign began with a commercial that featured leading Olympians such as Ashton Eaton. By associating the Olympics’ aspirational nature with its products, the Chobani campaign sure outlasted the Olympics.

It was a stellar campaign that showcased multichannel presence, integration with the use of related accounts as well as influencers. Chobani used its messaging and products so effectively that people were encouraged to join in on social and contribute user-generated content.

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