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A question that most people have is about the role of search engine optimization (SEO) in content marketing. The answer is plain and simple; SEO is an essential reinforcement for your content. With the right synergy between content marketing and SEO, you can produce web pages/blogs/media posts that best serve your customers.

Naturally, this leads to another question, how can SEO and content marketing work together successfully? That begs more detail. In the SEO-centric world that we live in today, this can mean the difference between business success and absolute disaster.

SEO consultants should get involved early in the content creation process, even before the nature of content is finalized. SEO isn’t just about keywords or phrases alone. Much as effective content marketing is more than crafting articles and other online content around high-volume keywords that.

Using Keywords to Identify Needed Content

Keyword analysis should be utilized as a means to study and understand your customers better. Instead of rushing out to create optimized content for these phrases or terms, you should be studying the underlying intent of these searches.

Once you discover that intent, you should be able to create content that answers their questions while kindling their interest and engaging their attention. Content marketing’s ultimate goal is to be so remarkable and memorable that your audience cannot afford to ignore you. Inevitably, this increases the probability of a sale.

Crafting Required Content

Rather than covering a certain subject or achieving keyword density, your content should be able to communicate with visitors on a deeper level. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be talking down to them or use content that flies past their heads. Meet them at their level and then guide them by providing information, advice, and assistance.

Your content should instill assurance and build confidence. You can use it to demonstrate empathy by acknowledging their problems — even if they are not explicitly stated.

Publish the best content you can. Ensure each and every page on your website has a source where your prospects can find the best information on a topic or subject, service or product, solution for problems.

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Combining Content Marketing and SEO

Through smart SEO analysis – studying keywords that draw visitors, tracking their path across the website, analytics on their behavior – you can steadily build a set of typical user profiles and collect more and more insight into what the audience wants. And then, your perfectly crafted content delivers it to them.

That’s the synergistic effect of content marketing and SEO in a nutshell: Know thy customer’s intent, and craft your content to answer their needs. This requires that your SEO and content marketing teams work together right from the beginning.

Armed with information gleaned from keyword research you can uncover customer intent, go on to instill an element of psychology into your content, and use SEO to increase accessibility.

All which will impress and delight your customers resulting in increased business for you.

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