WordPress Malware Removal Service

Website hack repair from $299. Fixed or100% money back guarantee!

Multiple Channels

Each business is different and so is the prospective customer base. AXS-2 works across a variety of marketing channels and identify the best channel(s) to generate leads and achieve your sales targets.

Our past experience has shown that executing a multi-platform campaign dramatically improves results and campaign effectiveness. Depending on the budget and desired outcome these may encompass digital, print and telemarketing.

1. Scan

We scan your website for vulnerabilities and malware. We work out how your website has been hacked.

2. Clean

We clean any hacked files, database entries and backdoors. We remove the malware and create website backups.

3. Optimize

We update your site and harden your security. Adding software to prevent future hacking. Review plugins, CMS and site structure.

About the Service

Priority one is to identify and remove any malicious content, we’ll remove malware from your WordPress website and enhance security.


Scan Of Your Website

The first step in recovering your website is to understand the breach that took place. We will perform a scan of all your website files including WordPress, your themes, and plugins and check them for malicious code.


Remove Malicious Content

Once we scan your website and locate the malicious content, our task is to identify and remove any unwanted scripts, content, database entries, malware, backdoors and spammy links from your WordPress installation. We then make sure the hackers can’t get back into your website.


Core Files

Your php files are among the most important files in a WordPress website. We’ll ensure that they are free of nasty scripts and implement measures to ensure that they are no longer exploited.


Security Hardening

Finally, once we have removed any malware and malicious content, the next step is to harden your website’s security in an effort to prevent further hacks from occurring. We’ll do so by installing and optimizing the WordFence security plugin.


Blacklist Removal

If your website was blacklisted by Google and your visitors are being warned that your website may contain harmful content and urges them not to proceed, we will take the necessary steps to remove the warnings asap. This includes updating Google, Bing and Yahoo that your site is now clean and provide them with an updated sitemap with the clean as a whistle content.



Throughout the malware removal process, we will take notes in order to provide you a detailed report itemising the items that were cleaned and measures that were implemented to protect your site. Our Malware service comes with a 30 day malware free guarantee.

About the Service

Priority one is to identify and remove any malicious content, we’ll remove malware from your WordPress website and enhance security.

As soon as we process your order, we’ll get to work without delay. Our target is to repair your website within a day. However, depending on the situation (e.g. blacklist removal), the task may take a little longer.

What information do you need to get started?

In order to start working on your website, we need a WordPress administrator account and your hosting account details.

Our malware removal service is offered at $299.

If other sites on your server get infected, there is the possibility that your site will be compromised again even after performing a complete cleanup. But don’t worry, we maintain a 30 day guarantee. If your website is hacked again during the guarantee period we will clean your site free of charge! If you would like to change hosting companies, have a look at our website hosting options.

Of course, give our Principal Consultant, James a call on his mobile – 0468 495848

The longer your website has been hacked for, the more work required in fixing it. There are several things to look out for, like spammy and pharma links, redirects, unhappy users, fall in traffic and high server usage.

If your website is hacked or blacklisted, web browsers (like Google Chrome, Safari) may display a red security warning to their users when your site is accessed. Once your site is repaired, we can request a malware review in the Google search console. This process may take up to 7 days to implement, following the removal of any malware, suspicious content and backdoors.

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