Boost your direct mail strategy with quality design and content

Higher open-rates with direct marketing

The ever rising popularity of email marketing campaigns has caused a decline in favour for direct mailers in recent times. As some people call it, its the death for ‘snail mail’ or direct marketing (DM).

This dimming perception actually offers up a fantastic opportunity for direct marketing campaigns. With less competition to contend with, your campaign is virtually guaranteed a greater chance of success.

Incorporating Attractive Design and Engaging Content

The cost of professional design and printing is now more economical than ever before. Mode of delivery too is now cost effective when added onto select logistics.

Our efficient graphic design uses layout and imagery to highlight key messages and CTAs. The talented graphic designers at AXS-2 can transform your copy into a polished sales message, with minimal impact on your time and wallet.

These days with the right design partner, any business can produce high-quality mailers. Innovative mailer marketing campaigns are achieving impressive results by targeting buyers with eye catching graphics and compelling copy.

Maximise Results Through Integrated Campaigns

Combining both direct mail and email marketing has been proven to deliver impressive ROI. Such an approach cuts-through the clutter and achieve increased results when integrated with multi-faceted campaigns. AXS-2 can assist help with design of engaging campaigns that leverage online as well as offline communication to gather leads right to your doorstep.

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